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As your local San Fransisco personal trainer, it’s been amazing to help people transform their bodies and their lives. At AP Wellness Training & Consulting, I provide you with the support and customized personal training programs needed to help you achieve your goals and create long-term habits. Read what some of my clients have to say about their personal training experiences, and see why you should join our team!

“I’ve worked with Aleks for a couple of years now and cannot recommend her highly enough!

I have always practiced sports, both individual and team sports (never reached competitive goals) but I have trained consistently for the majority of my life. Up to the age of 30 it has been easy for me to fit in a boxing workout, a long run or a crossfit wod in my university/limited responsibility life, and I still had some free time to just complain about how busy I thought my schedule was.

In the last three years though my life has changed a lot; I started a family with an amazing woman and begun the process of building a career I could be proud of. So now I work as a neurologist in a busy hospital (this kind of job can keep you rolling 12 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week, plus teaching and tutoring activities) and I am the father of two very energetic children (a five year old girl and a two year old boy).

Of course this kind of routine doesn’t leave one with much “personal time”. And that’s the way it has to be; I couldn’t complain, I had a beautiful family and a job that I loved. So I decided that sport wasn’t necessary after all.

After a few months of “rest” I clearly realized that the lack of physical activity was having a bad influence on my quality of life; I noticed a vicious cycle that was affecting my eating habits, my sleep, my mood, and even my working performance. Of course I tried to fix that and started going to the gym again, and of course I found out that the reasons why I quit going before were still there; a boxing work out takes two hours, if you’re very quick at getting ready before and after, it takes one hour and a half for a crossfit wod. I understood I couldn’t take so much personal time without subtracting time from the things I considered more important. Furthermore, the amount of energy and concentration that those kind of workouts require just wasn’t easily available every day because some working days are harder than others.

I couldn’t fit in a structured, time-defined, workout so I needed a personalized plan that kept me free to train whenever I could and that was designed to fit in my schedule, therefore; dynamic, varied, quick and simple, and of course effective.

I contacted Aleksandra because I have worked with her previously, she trained me in crossfit for one year in 2014 with great results. Just like that time she considered the personalization of the training plan as the core of the success of the plan itself. She is knowledgeable about physiology and precision-nutrition so I decided to have her nutritional advice in my plan too.

With Aleks every workout is different than the previous one and designed to perfectly match my time and energy resources, still optimizing the effort to gain lean muscle and burn fat. I have a constant feedback from her through an app that provides me the wods, tips on the execution of the exercises and allows me to message Aleks if I need. Eventual modifications to the training plan are provided quickly by Aleks and that means a lot! For example some days I have unexpected business to take care of and the only tool I have to workout are a pair of sneakers and a road, or a pull-up bar and a kettlebell; and knowing that I can still find the way to work out in those days helps me keep my consistency.

Aleks has been great to take me exactly where I wanted; my goal was a lean, strong and healthy shape and I got there without sacrificing time from my family and work. I think that her scientific training background gives her the ability to plan a specific training plan for any kind of goal you want to achieve-being a stressed-out doctor or a secretary or a housewife or a gym animal or an athlete. A friend of mine, a power-lifting enthusiast, asked her to perfect his technique and increase his performance on the snatch, and she got him there too.

To me Aleks Pavlovic is a great example of the new generation of trainers, she’s able to understand the importance of a 360 degree interpretation of your goals, capability, skills and limits to build around you a specific path that will optimize your health and shape; you basically just have to follow her.”

Iacopo Battaglini, MD

“Aleks is the real deal plain and simple. I have now completed three rounds of nutrition and training with Aleks and each time the results were more and more impactful. I have come to her with three different goals (Aesthetics, Strength and Muscle Growth) and she has delivered on each of them and then some. Throughout my training Aleks made herself available for questions, support and adjustments and never once have I felt that she checked out on me as some coaches tend to do. She is beyond knowledgeable in all nutrition, strength training, aesthetics and recovery and she has a genuine enthusiasm about fitness and sharing this knowledge with her clients. During my time with Aleks I have PR’d multiple lifts, dropped more than 17 pounds, changed my physique and learned so much about training and fitness in the process. Aleks always celebrates your accomplishments, pushes you when you aren’t sure you have anything left in the tank and keeps it fun all the way through. I cannot give high enough praise to Aleks and her programs. The best investment you can make in yourself is to get to work”.

matty sir

“I started with Aleks late last year, within four and a half months she taught me proper form, how to work each muscle group, how to make better nutrition choices, and above all that we all respond differently to exercise. As I’ve gained more muscle and strength, I’ve also gained a love and appreciation for myself and what my body is capable of. That is priceless, thank you for your dedication to me and my goals.”


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Don’t put off your fitness goals any longer. I can help you create a fitness plan that works with your life and delivers results. Regular exercise can help equip you for life’s challenges by reducing stress levels, preventing injuries, and building your confidence. Invest in your future health with personal training and nutrition coaching from AP Wellness Training & Consulting. Contact me today!