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Meet Your Dedicated Personal Trainer in San Francisco

Hi! I’m Aleks Pavlovic and this is my story.

While working in cardiovascular research at Stanford for 10+ years, I discovered that most heart patients are advised to exercise and eat better, but few of them followed through on that advice. They had good intentions but needed personalized guidance to implement healthier habits. 

Around this same time, I discovered the power of CrossFit and weightlifting in my own life. I loved the intensity of the workouts, and my strength and confidence began to grow. Over time, exercising became something I wanted to do rather than something I had to do. A focused training session became a form of meditation that helped me manage anxiety.

Founding AP Wellness Training & Consulting allowed me to combine my passion for fitness and my desire to help people develop healthier habits. As a personal trainer, I hone in on each individual’s unique motivators to curate customized workouts. It’s always a joy watching clients master a move, overcome self-doubt, and reach their goals. I also incorporate my background in research, basing my recommendations on current data and science. 

areas of specialty


Pre- & post-natal fitness


Senior fitness


Athletic training




Nutrition and meal planning


Behavior modification


Emotional wellness support

education & certifications


Stanford University-BioDesign Entrepreneurship Program Certificate University of California, Irvine- Bachelors of Science in Biological and Cognitive Sciences


CrossFit-Level 2 Instructor; Football Certification

Precision Nutrition-Level 1

NASM-Personal Trainer Certification

ProNatal Fitness– Pre/Post-natal Exercise Certification

Behavior Change Specialist

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Patient-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as a Model for Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Science Translational Medicine 4(130): pp 130-47. April 2012.

Clinical evaluation incorporating a personal genome. Lancet 375(9725): pp 1525-1535. 2010

Pharmacogenetics of Heart Failure: Evidence, Opportunities, and Challenges for Cardiovascular Pharmacogenomics. Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research 1(1): pp. 25-36. March 2008

Genetics of Arrhythmia: Disease Pathways Beyond Ion Channels. Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research 1(2): pp. 155-165. June 2008

Get Results with Custom Personal Training

If you want to feel stronger and healthier, but your busy schedule makes it difficult to work out, make the most of your limited time with AP Wellness Training & Consulting. I will get to know your unique strengths and weaknesses to create custom workout plans that will drive results. Since I take a holistic view of personal training—combining nutrition, emotional wellness, and physical strength—you will see faster results and feel motivated to continue your fitness journey.

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